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Summed submit time for each page does not equal total duration?

  • 25 May 2024
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Hi, I have a timer item on each page of my survey. When I add them up, the total is lower than the total survey duration time (at least for the submissions I checked). I think that makes sense that there might be some minor drift due to a technical issue, is this what is happening?

For one participant who was flagged as a bot from the reCAPTCH v3 though, the total duration is much higher than the sum (e.g., total duration of 50 minutes and summed pages time of 10 minutes). Could this be why it was flagged? What causes such a large drift? Our recruitment process makes it very unlikely this is a bot/fraud, and I’m just wondering if something weird was going on with a genuine participant's browser.

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Hi @labcat ,


1) It could be possible that respondents remain on the first page (assuming no timer on the first page) before moving to the second page, hence resulting in a long duration.


2) Did you add a timing question after each page break in blocks or you have a different page break set-up in your look & feel? 

More information: Timing Question (

 timer item on each page of my survey.

3) It could also be possible that the respondent refreshes the page (manually or automatically by browser due to long idle time after switching between tabs), or his/her internet access got disconnected, which causes the timer to reset even though the respondent is still attempting the survey.

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