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Likert scale with no statements formatting

  • 9 August 2018
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I am trying to create a likert scale with no statements as the "statement" is included in the question wording. I would like only the likert scale to show without a blank space to the left where the statements would typically be shown.

Best answer by PeeyushBansal 9 August 2018, 04:46

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4 replies

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1.) Replace "Click to write Statement .." with one blank space, statement will not appear then.
2.) Or you can program single select question with horizontal display of answer options(scales).
Hello @S_Bowen0425 ;

The answer of @bansalpeeyush29 is great. If you want to do this through javascript then just add the following line in the onload function of the question "add javascript" option:

jQuery("#"+this.questionId+" .c1").hide();
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Also, if you are planning to have only 1 row (i.e. 1 statement) then instead of "Matrix question" you can try "Multi-select question" and change the position of the options from "vertical" to "Horizontal".
Thank you all.

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